North Pole

Sophie Calle

Paris, 1953 - Lives and works in Malakoff

Light box, bisque porcelain plates, colour photographs, video
Museum purchase with the assistance of the national and regional governments under the aegis of FRAM, 2010
© Musée de Valence, photo Éric Caillet

Sophie Calle - North Pole ©Museum of Valence, photo Éric Caillet


Through photographs, art installations, videos, and writings, Sophie Calle has, since the 1970s, developed an autobiographical approach playing on the ambiguity between reality and fiction, where she personally directs herself, tells minor and major stories from her life, and shares her inner life with the viewer.  The North Pole installation retraces the artist’s journey to the Arctic in 2008, when she was invited to participate in a British programme bringing together artists, writers, and researchers around global warming.  The trip was also an opportunity for the artist to pay tribute to her late mother, who dreamed of seeing that part of the world, by burying some of her personal possessions in the ground as a mark of her presence. 

Sophie Calle - North Pole ©Museum of Valence, photo Éric Caillet