Stela to Hubert Robert

Jacques Clerc

Lons-le-Saunier, 1931 Vit et travaille à Crest

Acier patiné
Ni S., ni D.
Inv. : Sc. 194
Achat du musée à l’artiste, 1993

Stèle © Musée de Valence, photo Eric Caillet.


Engraver, sculptor, editor, teacher…it is the union of all these disciplines that makes up the work of Jacques Clerc:  sculpted engravings, engraved sculptures, book sculptures, written sculptures.  Active since the late 1950s, among his creations is the Stelae series, which act as spaces of memory in which, as with classical stelae, the written inscription occupies an essential place.  Drawn into a column and burnished brown, this piece is presented in three parts and evokes a ruin, in direct homage to Hubert Robert.  Written by Denis Diderot for the 1769 Exhibition, the texts engraved here by Jacques Clerc support the sculpture and recall his passion for words. 

Stèle © Musée de Valence, photo Eric Caillet.